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Bonus Episode: Mike Haggard | National Crime Victim Bar Association

The National Crime Victim Bar Association is an affiliate and program of the National Center for Victims of Crime. It was founded in April 1999, creating the nation's first professional association of attorneys and expert witnesses dedicated to helping victims seek justice through the civil system.  The National Crime Victim Bar Association continues the pioneering work of Frank Carrington and is a testament to the National Center for Victims of Crime's long-standing commitment to civil justice for victims. Crime victims deserve compensation for the harms they have suffered, and third parties are increasingly held accountable through the civil justice system.


National Crime Victim Bar Association Website: https://victimsofcrime.org/our-programs/national-crime-victim-bar-association


Learn more about Mike Haggard and the Haggard Law Firm: http://www.haggardlawfirm.com/


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