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Ep 011: Brian Panish | Jason Lo v. Dominick Consolazio | $41.8 million verdict

This week, your hosts Steve Lowry and Yvonne Godfrey interview Brian Panish of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP (www.psblaw.com)

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Case Details:

Trial lawyer Brian Panish shares how he secured a multi-million dollar verdict for a U.S. Air Force Academy Captain who suffered catastrophic injuries after a truck driver hit him while riding his motorcycle. The truck driver, who suffered from seizures, was charged for his negligent behavior after dragging the Captain for more than a football field.

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Guest Bio:

One of the country’s leading trial attorneys, Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Brian Panish has obtained some of the most significant jury verdicts in United States history on behalf of plaintiffs. His courtroom victories include a $4.9 billion record verdict in the landmark products liability case Anderson v. General Motors, over 100 verdicts and settlements in excess of $10 million, six verdicts in excess of $50 million, and more than 250 verdicts and settlements over one million dollars in personal injury, car accident, wrongful death, and business litigation cases.

Mr. Panish consistently serves in a leading role in the largest personal injury cases in California and the country — he currently serves as Plaintiffs lead counsel in the Southern California Fire Cases litigation arising from the 2017 Thomas Fire and subsequent debris flows in Montecito, California and serves on the Plaintiffs Executive Committee for the 2017 North Bay Fires in Northern California. Additionally, Mr. Panish has been appointed Lead Trial Counsel in the Porter Ranch/Aliso Canyon Gas Blowout Litigation and has served in leadership roles in the Asiana Airlines Crash Litigation, the Olympus Superbug CRE Litigation, and DePuy ASR Hip Implant Litigation, among others.

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