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Ep 017: Stephen Susman | Terry Casey et. al. v. Harold Simmons, et. al. | $178.7 Million Verdict

This week, your hosts Steve Lowry and Yvonne Godfrey interview Steve Susman of Susman Godfrey, L.L.P. ( https://www.susmangodfrey.com/)

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Case Details:

Leading trial lawyer Stephen “Steve” Susman of Susman Godfrey LLP talks about how he obtained the largest verdict in 2009 in Dallas County, Texas by representing a trio of NL Industries stockholders (Efficasey Environmental LLC, Highland Environmental Management, LLC and Industrial Recovery Capital Holding Company) who were being offered a fraction of their stock’s worth because NL Industries’ management had depleted the company’s funds. Rather than admit to wrongdoing, NL Industries attempted to intentionally miscalculate or undervalue the stocks, committing a breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract that did not sit well with the jury, who also delivered a $5 million punitive damage verdict against NL Industries’ general counsel.

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Guest Bio:

Recognized as one of the most successful plaintiff’s attorneys in the United States, Stephen Susman has built an unparalleled history of legal victory on an extremely straightforward idea — he gets paid for results, not effort. Although his career can be measured in many ways — the dozens of professional awards he has received, the very successful firm he has built, his remarkable record of winning very high-profile cases, working for plaintiffs against an array of large corporate interests, his defense work for select corporate and individual clients, it can all be traced back to Susman’s deep-rooted belief that his compensation should come from getting results.

Honored as one of the nation’s Top 10 litigators, The National Law Journal(June 5, 2006) issue, Susman is among a highly select group to have been included Chambers USA for over 10 years in The Best Lawyers in America for over 25 years. The Business Insider, Law Review (January 20, 2010 issue), named him one of the eleven lawyers you definitely do not want to see across the aisle. Jury consultant, Don Vinson, in his book America’s Top Trial Lawyers, ranks Susman among the 14 best trial lawyers in the United States and International Commercial Litigation’s worldwide annual poll of lawyers ranked Susman as the Litigator of the Year and then top litigator in the United States in two separate years. 

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